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An Embrace from Guayasamín for Fidel

Almost a hundred works integrate the exhibition ''An Embrace from Guayasamín for Fidel'' with venue at the National Museum of Fine Arts, as part of the activities organized by the Foundation Oswaldo Guayasamín paying homage to President Fidel Castro's 80th birthday. Read More

Cuban choral group makes its way

Its unusual nowadays to find a choral group as the Camerata Vocale Sine Nomine, unique in the country, whose wide repertoire, voice and elegant look certainly enrapture. Middle-Age-style costumes and songs are carefully chosen by this group of male singers of the belle canto comprising tenor, bass, soprano and contralto and the tessitura of male natural voices. Read More

Frank Fernández closed International Music Festival in Mexico

Cuban pianist Frank Fernández closed the 18th Morelia International Music Festival "Miguel Bernal Jiménez" with a concert at the Museum of Fine Arts in Mexico City. Fernández was largely applauded by the audience, after performing Sergei Rachamaninoffs Piano and Orchestra Concerto No. 2 in C minor. Read More

Chucho Valdés and other star musicians staged to jazz tune

A number of star musicians performed in the Auditorium theatre Amadeo Roldán under the direction of Cuban jazz Maestro Jesús (Chucho) Valdés during the inaugural gala of the International Festival Jazz Plaza running in Havana until Dec. 3. Read More

Purchase of equipment speeded up under agreement with Cuba

A Cuba-Venezuela agreement to build houses in Venezuela was modified last October, which forced the Venezuelan Ministry of Housing and Habitat to accelerate purchase of machinery and equipment to fulfill this special program. Read More

Engineering and Architecture Convention in Cuba ends

The 13th Scientific Convention on Engineering and Architecture underway in this capital is closing its sessions Friday at the Jose Antonio Echeverria Higher Educational Center (CUJAE). The meeting, which brought together over 300 specialists from some 20 countries, was aimed at promoting an academic and professional exchange in the field. Read More