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Cuban National Ballet Company back in Cuba

The Cuban National Ballet Company is back in Cuba after a successful South American tour. The ballet company danced in Chile and while there, President Michelle Bachelet received company director and Prima Ballerina Assoluta Alicia Alonso at La Moneda Palace, the headquarters of national government. Read More

Sip mojitos in epic squares, samba in the sawdust then hit the beach

BAKING hot sunshine, sexy salsa beats, beautiful cities, stunning beaches, fascinating culture and friendly people - Cuba has to be the ultimate holiday destination. And the secret is out. In 1997, fewer than 46,000 Brits travelled to this island that's fewer than 100 miles from Florida. Last year more than 160,000 of us made the trip. Read More

Cuba pays tribute to german scientist

The Havana Higher Institute of Medical Sciences (ISCMH) granted German doctor Hansotto Reiber with the "special guest professor" designation for his valuable contributions to public health on the island and his active participation in Cuba solidarity activities. Read More

205 detainees transferred, freed

The Pentagon called them "among the most dangerous, best-trained, vicious killers on the face of the earth," sweeping them up after Sept. 11 and hauling them in chains to a U.S. military prison in southeastern Cuba. Since then, hundreds of the men have been transferred from Guantanamo Bay to other countries, many of them for "continued detention." And then set free. Read More

Members of Congress go to Cuba seeking to improve relations

A delegation of American lawmakers sought improved diplomatic and economic ties with Cuba on Friday, anticipating leadership changes in Havana and on Capitol Hill. Ten U.S. House members were expected to discuss the possibility of easing U.S. trade and travel sanctions in meetings with Communist officials. Read More

Cuban dancer awarded Doctorate

Cuban dancer, Carlos Acosta, was awarded Doctor Honoris Cause from the Metropolitan University of London by Dean John Carter. Acosta expressed that this experience would inspire him to greater efforts in his work and to be better in his professional life. Read More

Fidel Castro phones Cuban officials

Ailing Cuban President Fidel Castro has spoken by telephone to a meeting of Cuban officials, the ruling Communist Party newspaper Granma said on Saturday in the first official word on the 80-year-old leader in 11 days. Read More

Saul Landau's generous gift

Saul Landau, the University of Wisconsin-Madison graduate who went on to become one of the world's most respected documentary filmmakers, has donated his films and papers to the Madison-based Wisconsin Center for Film and Theater Research. Read More

7 Afghans return home after imprisonment

Seven Afghan men on Saturday arrived in their home country " weary, angry and proclaiming their innocence " after years of imprisonment in the U.S. military prison at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. Read More

Cuba wins two silver medals in track cycling

Lisandra Guerra was overcome by Belarussian Natalia Tsylinskaya in the 200m final and Lithuanian Simona Krupeckaite got the bronze. In the race by points, Cuban Yoanka Gonzalez Melbourne world champion in 2004 was overcome by Italian Georgia Bronzini and the bronze was for Russian Yulia Arustamova. Read More