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Attorney: Cuba open to trade with Indiana farmers

An Indianapolis attorney recently back from Cuba says the nation is eager to open up trade with Indiana Read More

Green revolution in Cuba

Cuba increases forested areas. The reduction this year in the amount of pollution to the environment in Cuba was highlighted by Dr. José Antonio Díaz Duque, deputy minister for science, technology and the environment (CITMA). Read More

Committee for the Independence of Puerto Rico Emerges in Cuba

A group of Cuban writers, journalists and actors, recently created a committee for the independence of Puerto Rico in the city of Manzanillo, to the eastern province of Granma. The association aims at encouraging the solidarity movement with the brother country of Puerto Rico, said the organizers. Read More

Cattle farming makes a comeback in Cubas driest province

Ranchers in the Cuban eastern province of Las Tunas, the countrys driest province, have taken advantage of recent rainfall to get back on track in fulfilling this year's production targets. Read More

New mollusks found in western Cuba

The discovery of 27 new mollusks in the sea bed of Guanahacabibes peninsula, Pinar del Rio, Cuba, enlarges its current stock to 627. An expedition found the presumed endemic mollusks at nine locations within the UNESCO Biosphere Reserve, namely at Maria La Gorda, Las Tumbas, Cabo de San Antonio and Ensenada de Bolondron Read More