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Leo Brouwer jury at the XXII International Event of Classical Guitar Andrés Segovia

The program contains the screening of Homo Ludens documentary by Ángel Alderete, the presentation of the Italian translation of the bokk 'Gajes del Oficio', a concert with the latest production of Leo and masterful classes Read More

New Cuban drug on trial

Experts from the eastern city of Santiago de Cuba are testing a new drug to treat ulcers in diabetic feet. The Saturnino Lora and Joaquín Castillo Duany hospitals were included in a nationwide program to validate the efficacy of the drug. Read More

Cuban Rowers Get Ready for Continental Games

Cuba's best rowers are training hard to compete in the Pan-American Games in Rio de Janeiro, where they expect to retain the continental hegemony. Experts from the Caribbean Island said that Cuba's strongest rivals are the United States, Canada and Argentina, in addition to Brazil. Read More

Digital Project on Ciego de Avila's History

A digital project entitled "Virtual Archive" is being carried out in the eastern Cuban province of Ciego de Avila to promote knowledge of the region's history. The initiative resulted from an effort by local historians and computer students to create CDs on different topics containing photos, documents, graphics and text. Read More

Cuban Village centers heritage event

A master conference on the origins and development of the first Cuban village, Baracoa, was given by Alejandro Hartman, historian of that city founded on August 15, 1511 by Advanced Diego Velazquez. Read More

Cuba and Haiti sign cooperation program

A cooperation program between Cuba and Haiti for the coming year was signed Friday in Havana by Haitian President Rene Preval and Esteban Lazo, the vice president of Cubas Council of State. Read More

Change the system, not the climate!

If greenhouse gas emissions continue to spiral, scientists predict ecological disaster: melting ice sheets, erratic and destructive weather patterns and increasing desertification. All this will turn hundreds of millions of people into refugees. Read More

Cuba marks Latin American Medicine Day

The national act for the Latin American Medicine Day, on the occasion of Cuban scientist Carlos J. Finlay's birthday, will be held Sunday in Cumanayagua, in the central province of Cienfuegos. Read More

Oceanic Sciences Congress in Cuba

Sessions of the VII Congress of Oceanic Sciences, from December 4 to 8 , began with the participation of Cuban specialists and experts from 15 nations. The scientists will contribute to the research guided to recover and preserve sea ecosystems and especially develop cleaning programs of those geographical areas. Read More

The complete guide to: Cuba in style

Fifty years after the seeds of the Revolution were sown, this island is finally starting to flower as a luxury holiday destination, say Simon Calder and Cathy Packe Read More