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Spanish actress Mercedes Sampietro in Cuba

Spanish actress Mercedes Sampietro, protagonist of the new Cuban film La edad de la peseta (The Silly Age), is in Havana for the 28th New Latin American Cinema Festival that officially concludes on Friday. Sampietro is attending the popular event this year because of her lead role as Violeta in the first fiction film by young Cuban director Pavel Giroud. Last year she was a member of the jury. Read More

Havana: a major tourist destination in Cuba

The Cuban capital, which has a population of two million, is a major tourist destination in the country. According to official statistics, nearly 50 percent of foreign vacationers who visited the Caribbean Island this year chose the Cuban capital, as well as Varadero and Jardines del Rey (King's Gardens), as their favorite destinations in the country. Read More

Cuba designs program against cardiovascular diseases

Cuban health authorities expect to reduce the number of deaths due to cardiovascular diseases by 30 percent, as a result of a nationwide program that is currently underway. In order to achieve that goal, authorities are promoting activities to encourage healthy habits, improve diagnoses, train the medical staff, educate the people, and develop epidemiologic and medical research. Read More

Transtur presents new tourist options in Varadero

The entrepreneurial group Transtur, attached to Cuba's Ministry of Tourism, has presented new options in the beach resort of Varadero. As part of the company's efforts to meet the demands from clients, Transtur is offering the Varadero Beach Tour. Read More

Presenting homage disc Con el permiso de Bola

Cuban musicians Francisco Céspedes and Gonzalo Rubalcaba presented Wednesday evening , Dec 6, in Mexico City the disc Con el permiso de Bola they themselves co-produced. The phonogram is made in homage to the great musician Ignacio Jacinto Villa, Bola de Nieve (1911-1971), born in Guanabacoa, Havana and died in Mexico FD, while en route to Lima (Peru), where he would have several performances. Read More

Gore Vidal in Cuba

I came to Cuba with my new knee to help breaking 40 years of embargo, said the North American writer Gore Vidal, who is visiting Havana until December 14th, after mentioning the distortion of information about the Island in his countrys media. Read More

A peculiar sound in Los Tambores de Bejucal

Los Tambores de Bejucal (Bejucal Drums) has just obtained the National Community Culture Award, rounding off a great number of recognitions won on and off the island. That outstanding folkloric group, emerged 44 years ago -on December 6, 1962-, from the fusion of the accompanying congas of Las Charangas de Bejucal Read More

Cuba achieves best position in FIFA ranking

The International Federation of Soccer Associations (FIFA) made public the world ranking of the month of November, in which Cuba entered to occupy position 46, its best historical location in this important table which began in 1993. Read More

The U.S. Government has fined director Oliver Stone for illegally traveling to Cuba. According to a tersely-worded Department of Treasury document released Dec. 1, the IXTLAN Corp. of Santa Monica, Ca. " Stones production company " will pay $6,322.20 to "resolve allegations of violations of the Cuban embargo." The violations occurred between Feb. 2002 and May 2003. Read More