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His Excellency the Panamanian Ambassador to Cuba, Anel Omar Rodríguez Barrera visited on Thursday educational establishments in the municipality of Vertientes, some 38 kilometres from Camaguey city.

Thirty one years have passed since the visit of the Cuban President Fidel Castro and Omar Torrijos to the southern municipality.

In order to keep the bonds of friendship between the two people, Panamanian Ambassador Anel Omar Rodríguez Barrera, visited the nursery school Little Friends of Panama, fulfilling his obligations of returning to this corner of the Camagueyan geography.

In an expression of solidarity with the people from Vertientes, the Panamanian diplomat donated school implements and items for educational activities; whereas talked with children and workers of the primary school Angelina Pérez.

In favor of preserving the close ties with Cuba, Rodríguez Barrera recognized the special feeling of the Camagüeyan people toward Omar Torrijos and the Panamanian isthmus.
Source: Radio Cadena Agramonte

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