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Folk Canarias fills up Firgas of Guaracha, Guajira and Son Montuno

Folk Canarias dedicated one of the music days to the brotherly island of Cuba. Brought over by the people from the island from the other side of the Atlantic, the son from the Caribbean island are reflected in the festival by the Jóvenes Soneros, a group that reflects the experiences and the closeness to Cuban popular culture made through the time of the migration of the people from the Canary Islands Read More

Ceramicists from 19 countries displaying their pieces in Camagüey

Donations by artists from 19 countries of Latin America, Europe, Africa and Asia make up the most extraordinary exhibition of ceramics in the Cuban eastern city of Camagüey. Read More

Brazilian president to visit Fidel Castro in January

Brazilian President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva said on Friday that he plans to visit Cuban leader Fidel Castro in January 2007. The president said he will travel to Cuba to visit Castro after his trip to Nicaragua, where he will take part in Daniel Ortega's presidential swearing in ceremony on Jan. 10. Read More

Warning to Radio, TV Marti: Congress is watching

Democrats aren't likely to abide the anti-Castro operation's big budget, small audience and violations of standards. Read More

Non-Aligned Nations want dialogue over Iran nuclear issue

The Non-Aligned Movement demanded this week that the UN Security Council practice a policy of peaceful diplomacy and dialogue to find a lasting solution to the issue of Irans development of nuclear energy Read More

Surgeon 'flew in to treat Castro'

A leading Spanish surgeon flew to Havana last Thursday to treat the ailing Cuban leader Fidel Castro, a Spanish newspaper is reporting. Read More