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December 10th

Celia Cruzs Legacy on TV

A TV documentary reveals the mysterious whereabouts of her legacy. The investigation took four months and produced information given by people close to the star in Cuba. Read More

Cuban tune plays as Dexter carves

The tock-tock of the claves, the wooden heartbeat of Cuban music, fills the soundtrack of Showtime's newest twisted crime drama. Then come the acoustic guitars, sweet and rhythmic. A tenor voice from another era begins a Spanish song, the lyrics alluding to the Cuban countryside, and it grows into the gentle three-part harmony of the legendary Trio Matamoros. Read More

Barbados promoting Road Tennis in Cuba

Director of Sports, Erskine King is assisting Cuba to promote Road Tennis, as a sport, in that country. King presented a delegation from Cuba with a gift of road tennis equipment, which included tennis rackets, balls, nets, the rules of the game, and manuals, and he indicated his willingness to provide Cuba with coaches to promote that venture Read More

December 9th

Pledge to deepen relationship

Barbados and Cuba are keen to deepen relations 34 years after formally establishing diplomatic ties. Having already forged major links in education, culture, sports, health, agriculture, the environment and other areas, Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Teresa Marshall, expressed a desire to improve what already existed, while looking for new opportunities. Read More

2014 Games candidates pitch IOC

Seven months before the vote, officials from three cities vying for the 2014 Winter Olympics face a key test Friday when they make campaign pitches to an influential European audience. Read More

Garcia Marquez at Cuba Film School

Colombian Nobel Prizewinner Gabriel Garcia Marquez headed the homage for the 20th anniversary of the San Antonio de los Baños International Movie and TV School in south Havana. Read More

Da Hitmen presents Reggaeton Latino

Reggaeton, the tropical mix of hip-hop and dancehall, has become hotter than a Caribbean heatwave. Don Omar is one of the sources of heat, who has contributed heavily to the transmission of this fairly new genre among American audiences. Read More

Cuban cyclists heading for Costa Rica

Four-time Cuban cycling champion, Pedro Pablo Perez, heads a squad of nine athletes to compete in a competition in Costa Rica scheduled for December 18 to 29. Read More

Hippocrates Meets Fidel, and Even U.S. Students Enroll

The Latin American School of Medical Sciences, on a sprawling former naval base on the outskirts of this capital, teaches its students medicine Cuban style. That means poking at cadavers, peering into aging microscopes and discussing the revolution that brought Fidel Castro to power 48 years ago. Read More

Cuba lit course for native tongues

Misquito and Mayangna indigenous peoples of the Nicaraguan Atlantic coast will be taught how to write and read in their own languages, supported with the Cuban literacy method Yo Si Puedo, Orlando Pineda, coordinator of the program said. Read More