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August 7th

Plans to Drill in Cuban Waters Causes Concern in Florida

<div align="justify"> Sen. Bill Nelson, a Florida Democrat who has made opposition to offshore drilling one of his signature issues, is against the Russian plans to drill in Cuban waters, as are environmentalists. On the other hand, this project is far from a reality and it will take some years before it can be put into practice. </div> Read More

Americans Openly Challenge Cuba Ban Travel Attempting to Change the Law

<div align="justify"> Since the 1962 travel and trade embargo was implemented, Americans have been forbidden to travel to Cuba without permission from the Treasury Department, and are not allowed to spend money there. However, since Obama came to power, Cuban-American relations have lightened considerably. </div> Read More

The Securities and Exchange Commission Worried about PCs with Celeron Chip in Cuba

<div align="justify"> The Securities and Exchange Commission is worried because Cuba possesses PCs with Celeron processors. As this processor is one of the lowest in the market and was obtained through a third country and the PCs were assembled in Cuba, one wonders what the SEC is worried about. </div> Read More

August 6th

Unusual Mention of '94 Protest in Cuban Media

<div align="justify"> Tensions ran so high that summer that Castro briefly opened the island's borders, dropping efforts to halt Cubans from setting out in flimsy boats to reach U.S. shores. Nearly 37,000 islanders attempted to reach America in almost anything that would float. </div> Read More

Cuba Travel Ban Violator Is Trying to Force Court Action

<div align="justify"> One of 270 U.S. citizens who openly made the illegal journey over the last two weeks, a 30-year-old financial advisor would like the government to fine or charge her, forcing a courtroom showdown on whether the ban is constitutional. </div> Read More

Diplomacy through Drama: Cuban Actors Will Perform Shakespeare in U.S.

<div align="justify"> The Obama administration's decision to let 12 Cuban artists enter the United States for the production marks a midsummer milestone of sorts for greater U.S. openness toward the Communist-ruled island nation. </div> Read More

U.S. Cubans Threaten to Boycott Juanes due to Future Concert in Havana

<div align="justify"> According to Ninoska Perez, executive of the Council for the Freedom of Cuba, Cubans in their homeland need democracy and solidarity; not a concert that ignores the &quot;oppression&quot; they have been subjected to for 50 years. </div> Read More

August 5th

Cuban Doctors Look for a New Begining in U.S.

<div align="justify"> While the rest of the country is suffering from a shortage of primary care physicians, Miami is awash with Cuban doctors who have defected in recent years. By some estimates, 6,000 medical professionals, many of them physicians, have left Cuba in the last six years. </div> Read More

Juanes Will Offer a Concert in Havana next September

<div align="justify"> The Cuba concert coincides with U.N. International Peace Day and could feature up to 12 artists from Spain, Mexico, Argentina, Colombia, Cuba and, Martinez said, the United States. He refused to divulge all the names. </div> Read More

Exporter Is Fined for Goods "Ultimately" Sold to Cuba

<div align="justify"> MGE isn’t being fined for exporting directly to Cuba. Nor is it being fined for an export knowing that it was going to be re-exported to Cuba. It was fined because one its regional sales managers “should have recognized that the shipment … might be destined for Cuba.” </div> Read More