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First Video of Fidel Castro in More Than a Year

<div align="justify"> Castro has rarely been shown on Cuban TV since he fell ill three years ago. He ceded power to his brother Raul and has not been seen in public since. Castro formally stepped down as president in February 2008. The video showed Castro talking with a group of visiting Venezuelan students at an undisclosed location. </div> Read More

U.S. Judges Making the Improving of U.S.-Cuba Relations More Difficult

<div align="justify"> American judges are giving millions of dollars to plaintiffs who are demading the Cuban government for the death of their relatives. Many of this people died in covert missions against the Island, which makes the rulings a bit peculiar to say the least. </div> Read More

Six Athletes Arrested in Berlin in disco incident, Two Were Cubans

<div align="justify"> Police said a group of about 20 people, including athletes competing in the world athletics championships in the city, were involved in a fight with bouncers outside the club. Three athletes from the Bahamas, one American and two Cubans were arrested on the spot as the doormen of the club used pepper spray to disperse them. </div> Read More