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Cuba's Revenues from Tourism Fell 10 Percent

<div align="justify"> Cuba welcomed 1.37 million tourists from January to June, or 2.7 percent more than in the same period in 2008, official figures show. But due exchange rates and the world crisis, revenues has fallen 10 percent. </div> Read More

Numbers of Americans Travelling to Cuba Getting Higher

<div align="justify"> President Obama ended some of Bush measures to strength embargo and now Cuban-Americans with relatives on the Caribbean Island now have carte blanche to travel there, raising hopes that American tourists may soon be able to take a legal vacation. <br /> </div> Read More

Time to End Cold War and Allow Free Travel to Cuba

<div align="justify"> The cold war has been dead for more than a decade, yet the United States still enforces a relic of that cold war with an economic embargo against Cuba. It is time to put an end to it. </div> Read More

Cuba Will Cut Spending for Education and Health Care

<div align="justify"> Cuban president called current spending on education and health &quot;unsustainable&quot;, but he vowed that the country will not change fundamentally and will mantain its comunist system. </div> Read More