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August 17th

Ana Belen and Victor Manuel Say They Will Perform with Juanes in Cuba if Invited

<div align="justify"> “Some anti-Castroites from Miami are impossible. My opinion is that they should hold the concert. Juanes should go to sing there or wherever they call him. Why should Cubans who live in Cuba not have the right to enjoy Juanes?” said Ana Belen, who performed this past week in Bogota with Victor Manuel.<br /> </div> Read More

August 15th

Chavez Returns from Cuba after Fidel's Birthday

<div align="justify"> Chavez said Fidel Castro is in good health and in absolute use of his mental faculties. They got together for Fidel Castro's 83 birthday. Castro has not been seen in public since he fell ill three years ago. </div> Read More

Controversy about Juanes' Concert in Cuba Is Snowballing

<div align="justify"> The singer and songwriter is planning to sing to 600 thousand spectators who would be present in Havana's Revolution Square. But many in Cuba's exile community are criticizing the decision to perform as symbolic of support for Castro's regime. </div> Read More

Delegation of U.S. Bishops Will Visit Cuba

<div align="justify"> USCCB welcomed the move by the Obama Administration in April to relax restrictions on Cuban-American travel and the regulation in remittances to Cuba. The U.S. bishops also urge passage of the “Freedom to Travel to Cuba Act” (H.R. 874 and S. 428), which would remove travel restrictions to Cuba for all Americans. </div> Read More

August 14th

Cuba Caught in Crossroads as Castro Turns 83

<div align="justify"> On Wednesday, the U.S.-based religious group Pastors for Peace - an anti-embargo organization - released several photos on their Web site of Castro taken, they said, just 13 days ago. Several members of the group, including Harlem Rev. Lucius Walker met with Castro on August 1 in Havana. </div> Read More

U.S. Easing the Cuba Travel Ban

<div align="justify"> After eight years of cultural freeze, it seems the ice is thawing between the United States and Cuba. In the coming months, a major Hispanic musician from Miami and a New York orchestra are planning to perform in Cuba, an apparent reversal of the Bush administration policy of isolating the island regime. A sudden surge of Cuban performers are coming here as well. </div> Read More

Cuba: Castro Celebrates His 83rd Birthday with an Essay

<div align="justify"> Castro spent his birthday out of the public eye but with an essay on the global economic crisis, climate change and immigration. In it, he criticized the American president and the leaders of Canada and Mexico for failing to resolve problems affecting Mexican immigration to the United States and Canada's decision to impose new visa requirements on Mexicans. </div> Read More

It's Time to Lift Restrictions to Cuba and Drop the Failed Policies of the Past

<div align="justify"> I spent four days in Havana last month with six other chiefs to U.S. senators from both political parties as a guest of the Center for Democracy in the Americas, a non-governmental organization advocating improved relations between the U.S. and Cuba. </div> Read More

Food Sales to Cuba Fell 15% in 2009 in U.S.

<div align="justify"> U.S. food exports to Cuba fell to $23.6 million in June from $45.3 million the previous month, according to figures released by the U.S.-Cuba Trade and Economic Council, a New York-based group monitoring trade between the two countries. </div> Read More

August 13th

Cuba: A New Photo Shows a Healthier Looking Fidel Castro

<div align="justify"> The photograph is the centerpiece of an exhibit that opened Wednesday dedicated to the former leader. His 83rd birthday is Thursday. </div> Read More