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Obstacles to Buying Food from U.S. Are Increasing for Cuba

<div align="justify"> The drop in imports is the result of Washington’s unilateral sanctions against Cuba that set obstacles for trading, which makes import actions unsafe, and also the lack of credit lines, explained Alvarez. </div> Read More

This Is the Right Time for Approaching to Cuba

<div align="justify"> Cubans have high hopes that President Barack Obama will restore relations but understand the disproportionate role that Miami politics play in our national policy. The meeting's clear message was that the Cuban government wants a friendly and mutually respectful relationship. </div> Read More

Cuba: Dayron Robles Sees Himself as his Main Rival

<div align="justify"> Olympic champion and world record holder Dayron Robles faces no obvious threats in the 110 metres hurdles at the athletics world championships in Berlin with Liu Xiang out of the picture. This is the last major title still missing from his personal count. </div> Read More

Cuban Government Is Trying to Fight Corruption

<div align="justify"> The lax administrative and accounting controls present in much of the country’s state-run economy are no secret to anyone, much less to the nation’s leaders. With a major drive taking place to improve work efficiency and productivity and to cut imports at a time of international economic crisis, confronting this problem is an urgent but equally difficult task. </div> Read More

Art connoisseur Fascinated with Cuban Painting

<div align="justify"> Richard Wiebe traveled to Cuba for the first time in 2001 and became fascinated with the works of Cuban painters. Since then, he has been working helping them to sell their paintings and to get some reknown among collectors. </div> Read More