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New Photo of Fidel Casro with Ecuadorean President Published in Cuba

<div align="justify"> Sunday's photo in Juventud Rebelde shows the 83-year-old Castro wearing a white shirt instead of the sports apparel he has worn in recent photos. The meeting with Rafael Correa occurred Friday. Cuba's state-run press occasionally publishes photographs of Castro with visitors, but news of his health is considered a state secret. </div> Read More

Cuba Criticize Threats Againts Juanes because of Concert

<div align="justify"> Cuban Culture Minister Abel Prieto blamed anti-Castro exiles in the United States for the threats and said the Sept. 20 show will go on as planned. His comments were reported Saturday by Cuba's state news agency, Prensa Latina. Prieto said those issuing the threats &quot;should be ashamed of what they're doing.&quot; </div> Read More

Cuba: Trying to Grow Vegetables in Havana

<div align="justify"> Climate change, drought, population growth are not the only threats to food supplies. As Cuba found out 20 years ago, dependence on fuel and fertilisers is also highly vulnerable to an oil shortage. </div> Read More