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August 18th

Hurricane Bill Continues to Move Northwest and for the time being It's Not a Menace to Cuba

<div align="justify"> The first hurricane of this year's Atlantic season gathered force far out to sea late Monday, while weaker storm systems drenched the northeastern Caribbean and the Florida Panhandle. Hurricane Bill was expected to become a major storm in the next couple of days, with winds topping 177 kph as it moved on a track expected to be near Bermuda by the end of the week. </div> Read More

Fidel Castro, Far from Cuba Reality

<div align="justify"> Over the last year, Cubans have often considered themselves protected from the global financial crisis because of their non-capitalist system.  Now, the impact of the crisis is being felt on their own beleaguered economy. But Fidel Castro continues to rant against American imperialist adventures while people worry abou economy. </div> Read More

Cuba Cuts Rates for International Calls to $1 per Minute

<div align="justify"> Cuba's telecommunications monopoly, Etecsa, says the discount applies to all international calls through Dec. 15. Details of the promotion appeared on its Web site and were confirmed Monday by a company representative who did not provide his name. </div> Read More

Savigne Wins the First Gold Medal for Cuba in Berlin

<div align="justify"> The athletics championships are being broadcast on Cuban TV.  Along with Boxing, Judo, Volleyball and Baseball, athletics is the discipline where Cuba has gone the farthest in international competitions. </div> Read More

Visit of American Bishops to Cuba May Help to Speed Unfreezing

<div align="justify"> A delegation of Catholic bishops from the United States arrived on Monday to meet with their Cuban counterparts and review the situation on the ground following the hurricanes that caused such extensive damage on the Caribbean island en 2008. </div> Read More

Four Cuba Basketball Players Don't Return After Playing in Spain

<div align="justify"> Cuba regularly loses athletes at international competitions who receive offers to compete with professional teams.  While the most publicized losses are top baseball players and prospects, the talent drain also affects other sports. </div> Read More

Hurricane Bill Getting Stronger in its Way to Bermuda

<div align="justify"> Bill continues to strengthen, with winds on Wednesday expected to exceed 111 mph, according to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. Bill is moving northwestward over the open central Atlantic and is not an immediate threat to any land. <br /> </div> Read More

August 17th

Private Farmers as Key to Saving Socialism in Cuba

<div align="justify"> Cuban President, Raul Castro, has made raising food production a national security priority, noting that the area of cultivated land fell 33 percent from 1997 to 2008. He told the crowd in Holguin that Cuba's poor agricultural output could not be blamed on the U.S. economic embargo alone. </div> Read More

Nixon Discussed the Possibility of Invading Cuba with the Brazilian President

<div align="justify"> Brazilian President, Emilio Medici, said the large number of Cubans living in the U.S. claimed they could overthrow Castro's regime, raising the question, &quot;should we help them or not.&quot; Nixon responded that &quot;we should, as long as we did not push them into doing something that we could not support, and as long as our hand did not appear.&quot; </div> Read More

Cuba Leads the IBAF World Baseball Ranking Prior to Baseball World Cup

<div align="justify"> The latest poll is the third since the IBAF began its world rankings on the heels of last summer’s Beijing Olympics. The latest IBAF poll also accompanied news that once again the International Olympic Committee has voted down both baseball and softball was medal sports for the 2016 Games that will likely be held in Tokyo, Rio de Janeiro, or Chicago. </div> Read More