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In Cuba the Ox is Mightier than the Tractor

<div align="justify"> President Raul Castro is promoting the beasts of burden as a way for the economically strapped communist country to ramp up food production while conserving energy. He recently suggested expanding a pilot program that gives private farmers fallow government land to cultivate — but without the use of gas-guzzling machinery. </div> Read More

Since 2001 Cuba Has Imported $4.4 Billion in Food from U.S.

<div align="justify"> The Cuban government has been imported food from U.S. for eigth years now. However, for the last three years has been a decline due to he fact that the embargo has remained in place, the international financial crisis and the lack of loans available to the Cuban government. </div> Read More

Cuban Economy Is Suffering due to the World Turndown

<div align="justify"> Cuba got into trouble after four hurricanes caused $10 billion in damage. Imports for 2008 spiked 41 percent from the previous year while exports remained flat. Now, the world crisis has slashed demand and prices for Cuba's few exports, like nickel, and choked off new credits to a government already in debt. </div> Read More