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Grocery Stores Temporarily Closed in Cuba amid Bewilderment

<div align="justify"> More than a dozen stores in Cuba's capital that had been run by the now-defunct firm Cubalse closed Thursday to tally merchandise before they were transferred to the new managing company, TRD Caribe. The change is part of a government effort to streamline bureaucracy. </div> Read More

Report Says Cancer Death Will Increase in Cuba this Year

<div align="justify"> The expected rise in cancer deaths is due to risky lifestyle behaviours as well as the existence of better diagnostic tools for the disease, as doctors will be able to detect cases that were earlier not possible, the Juventud Rebelde newspaper reported Sunday. </div> Read More

Good Timing for Arkansas Gov. Reaching to Cuba

<div align="justify"> Hoping to take advantage of signs of an easing relationship between the United States and Cuba, Beebe traveled to the island nation last week to try and promote the state's agricultural products. Arkansas has exported products to the country on a limited basis, despite a 47-year-old embargo, but Beebe says there are opportunities for even more in the future. </div> Read More

Returned to U.S. Travellers that Challenged Cuba Ban

<div align="justify"> Opponents of the ban have been making such protest trips for 40 years but said recent overtures from the Obama administration have lifted hopes that U.S. relations with Cuba will improve. </div> Read More