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Chavez Returns from Cuba after Fidel's Birthday

<div align="justify"> Chavez said Fidel Castro is in good health and in absolute use of his mental faculties. They got together for Fidel Castro's 83 birthday. Castro has not been seen in public since he fell ill three years ago. </div> Read More

Controversy about Juanes' Concert in Cuba Is Snowballing

<div align="justify"> The singer and songwriter is planning to sing to 600 thousand spectators who would be present in Havana's Revolution Square. But many in Cuba's exile community are criticizing the decision to perform as symbolic of support for Castro's regime. </div> Read More

Delegation of U.S. Bishops Will Visit Cuba

<div align="justify"> USCCB welcomed the move by the Obama Administration in April to relax restrictions on Cuban-American travel and the regulation in remittances to Cuba. The U.S. bishops also urge passage of the “Freedom to Travel to Cuba Act” (H.R. 874 and S. 428), which would remove travel restrictions to Cuba for all Americans. </div> Read More