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August 21st

Cuba: Dayron Robles Out of 110 Metres Hurdles due to an Hamstring Injury

<div align="justify"> Robles,22, had hoped to take a gold medal to former Cuban President Fidel Castro for his 83rd birthday.  He hit the first three hurdles in the race before pulling up in utter pain. The world record holder from Guantanamo first injured his left hamstring at a competition in France last February.  He said it started bothering him again two weeks ago. </div> Read More

August 20th

Cuba Keeps Watch of Hurricane Bill

<div align="justify"> Hurricane Bill weakened slightly to a Category 3 storm, though it could regain Category 4 status later Thursday or early Friday. While Cuba and Caribbean appears well off Bill’s path, the island nation of Bermuda is endangered by the powerful Category 3 storm that could hit on late Friday or early Saturday. <br /> </div> Read More

Four Cuban Basket Players Ask for Asylum in Spain

<div align="justify"> Officials in Las Palmas, on the island of Gran Canaria, said the four turned up at a police station and made their asylum request. Now they have to wait 30 days for a response from the Spanish authorities<br /> </div> Read More

Cuba: Fidel Castro Critics U.S. over Healthcare

<div align="justify"> The former Cuban President wrote in a commentary published on a state-run Internet site that huge military budgets are approved easily by the U.S. Congress but U.S. President Barack Obama is struggling to convince federal lawmakers to pass a bill that would &quot;deliver health services to 50 million Americans that don't have them.&quot; </div> Read More

Cuba Olympic Champion in Doubt for 110 Hurdles Semis

<div align="justify"> An injury may prevent Olympic champion Dayron Robles of Cuba from competing in the semifinals of the men's 110-metre hurdles at the world track and field championships in Berlin. </div> Read More

It Is High Time to Open Up Travel to Cuba

<div align="justify"> Cuba it is a communist dictatorship, but being a dictatorship hasn't kept us from having diplomatic relations with Sudan, China, etc. And unlike many of the countries with which we maintain full diplomatic relations, Cuba has no tolerance for drugs or drug smuggling. </div> Read More

August 19th

Hurricane Becomes Category 4, but Poses No Threat to Cuba

<div align="justify"> The first major hurricane of the season posed the most immediate threat to Bermuda but, by week's end, it also could be taking aim at New England, Nova Scotia and Newfoundland. </div> Read More

Cuba Tries to Divise New Payment Scheme

<div align="justify"> According to the Cuban press, the objective of the new regulation on procedures and payment systems is to balance the salary policy between companies in which the Managerial Improvement System is applied - aiming for greater efficiency - and those companies that are not formally included in this process. </div> Read More

U.S. Bishops urge Cuba and U.S. Leaders to Improve Relations

<div align="justify"> A delegation of U.S. Roman Catholic Church leaders urged Barack Obama's administration Tuesday to seize what they called a rare political opportunity to lift the 47-year-old economic embargo against Cuba's communist government. </div> Read More

Cuban Dissidents Considerer a Good Idea Concert by Juanes

<div align="justify"> “No one has the right to deprive Cubans inside the country from what people enjoy naturally outside the country. The totalitarianism on the island is more than enough,” Miriam Leiva, founder of Ladies in White, a group comprising relatives of political prisoners, said. </div> Read More