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August 2nd

No New Cuban Policy for the Time Being

<div align="justify"> Some in the &quot;Cuba lobby&quot;—Cuban-Americans in Congress like Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen and Sen. Bob Menendez—suggest the administration may be mulling their objections, but a State Department official, off-the-record, suggests one reason for the delay is a flurry of new talks between the countries that could lead to an even wider opening to Cuba. </div> Read More

Cuba Plans Ahead Thinking in Future Hurricanes

<div align="justify"> When three major hurricanes (Gustav, Ike and Paloma) pounded the island in the second semester of 2008, one of the biggest effects was felt on the dining room table, as the island’s agriculture was devastated. Now they are using that experience to improve their strategies to face new challenges. </div> Read More

August 1st

Cuba Postpones Communist Party Congress as Economy Worsens

<div align="justify"> Cuban President Raul Castro has postponed what was to have been the ruling Communist Party's first congress in 12 years and no new date has been set. The congress has been heavily anticipated because, among other things, it will determine if Fidel Castro, 82, stays on as head of the party. </div> Read More

Arkansas Gov. Feels Optimistic about Trade with Cuba

<div align="justify"> Beebe, who joined a growing roster of governors and members of Congress who have visited the island to promote trade, wouldn't say whether he thinks the federal government should end its 47-year-old trade embargo with Cuba. But he noted he traveled there amid signs that trade restrictions may ease. </div> Read More

Trading with Cuba, a Reality?

<div align="justify"> The Obama administration’s gambit may indeed have been the first step in a long journey toward a normalization of relations—with all the implications of commercial exchange those relations imply—but the fact of the matter is that scores of U.S. companies have been doing business with Cuba for years. </div> Read More

Cuba Keeps Having the Lowest Mobile Phone Penetration in Latin America

<div align="justify"> Although Raul Castro, who was made President in February 2008, is more reform-minded than was his brother Fidel, the liberalisation of Cuba’s telecommunications sector, as with the liberalisation of other government controls over Cuban life, is expected to occur slowly over the next five to ten years. </div> Read More