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Bill Richardson Tries to Push Imports to Cuba

<div align="justify"> Richardson met with Alarcon on Monday. On Tuesday he visited chamber of commerce President Pedro Alvarez and Igor Montero, president of Alimport, the Cuban government agency responsible for agricultural commerce. </div> Read More

We Should Reverse Our Policy to Cuba

<div align="justify"> Bad U.S. relations with Cuba, an economically weak Caribbean island 90 miles off our shores, is a shameful blot on American policy and an example of America's leaders finding themselves unwilling or too blinded in terms of U.S. domestic politics to act sensibly and solve an unnecessary problem. </div> Read More

Cuba Tries to Increase Control on Cigars

<div align="justify"> The new regulation was passed on July 10 and comes into effect on October 10.  It replaces a 2007 regulation that allowed travelers to have up to 50 cigars either in boxes or loose without any receipt. <br /> </div> Read More

Juanes Insists Concert in Cuba Is Not About Politics

<div align="justify"> &quot;This is not about politics,&quot; he told The Miami Herald Tuesday of his decision to play a concert in Cuba in the historic Plaza de la Revolución in Havana on Sept. 20. &quot;Nobody called us, nobody invited us to Havana,&quot; he said. &quot;I am not a communist. I am not aligned with the government. I'm not going to Cuba to play for the Cuban regime. </div> Read More

Agriculture Going Back to Basics in Cuba

<div align="justify"> &quot;The current world financial crisis requires a mixture of the modern and the traditional,&quot; agricultural expert Juan Varela wrote in the Granma newspaper. &quot;Our country has sufficient capacity and experience to come out a winner and not allow itself to be defeated by problems and justifications.&quot; </div> Read More