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Though 83 Years Old, Fidel Castro Is still a Force to be Reckoned With in Cuba

<div align="justify"> Although younger brother Raul Castro, who is 78, replaced him as president last year, Fidel Castro continues to be a powerful international voice for Cuba, through the regular commentary columns he writes for state-run media. </div> Read More

Raul Castro Ready to Talk to U.S... with Pre-conditions

<div align="justify"> The 78-year-old leader, who formally succeeded his ailing brother Fidel last year, made the announcement amid grim economic news that will curb spending on health and education, twin pillars of the 50-year-old revolution. The government warned of further austerity in the wake of hurricane damage and a sputtering economy. </div> Read More

Cuba and U.S. and the Possibility of Change

<div align="justify"> The Obama administration has taken some steps in order to unfreeze U.S. relations with Cuba. In April, they reversed some of the measures that the Bush administration took in 2003 limiting the contact between Cuban-Americans and their families in the island. Nevertheless, it is still too early to know if how far these changes are going to go. </div> Read More

Russia-Cuba Agreement May Produce a Response from U.S.

<div align="justify"> Cuba and Russian recently agreed to explote Cuba's off-shore oil resources. This decision has provoke different reactions in U.S. While ecologists are worried about the impact this enterprise might have in Florida keys, some people are wondering if the American energy policy is the right one. </div> Read More

Cuba Offers Diabetes Drug to U.S.

<div align="justify"> The drug is called Heber-prot-P, and according to Cuban scientists, it helps to treat diabetic foot ulcers. The treatment helps prevent patients from lower-limb amputation. </div> Read More