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Cuban Doctors Look for a New Begining in U.S.

<div align="justify"> While the rest of the country is suffering from a shortage of primary care physicians, Miami is awash with Cuban doctors who have defected in recent years. By some estimates, 6,000 medical professionals, many of them physicians, have left Cuba in the last six years. </div> Read More

Juanes Will Offer a Concert in Havana next September

<div align="justify"> The Cuba concert coincides with U.N. International Peace Day and could feature up to 12 artists from Spain, Mexico, Argentina, Colombia, Cuba and, Martinez said, the United States. He refused to divulge all the names. </div> Read More

Exporter Is Fined for Goods "Ultimately" Sold to Cuba

<div align="justify"> MGE isn’t being fined for exporting directly to Cuba. Nor is it being fined for an export knowing that it was going to be re-exported to Cuba. It was fined because one its regional sales managers “should have recognized that the shipment … might be destined for Cuba.” </div> Read More

Opportunities in Cuba Telecommunications Market

<div align="justify"> Despite economic difficulties, Cuba it is clearly a market with a lot of potential; a fact recognised by Latin America’s largest telecoms operator, Spain’s Telefónica.<br /> </div> Read More