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August 24th

Six Athletes Arrested in Berlin in disco incident, Two Were Cubans

<div align="justify"> Police said a group of about 20 people, including athletes competing in the world athletics championships in the city, were involved in a fight with bouncers outside the club. Three athletes from the Bahamas, one American and two Cubans were arrested on the spot as the doormen of the club used pepper spray to disperse them. </div> Read More

August 23rd

New Photo of Fidel Casro with Ecuadorean President Published in Cuba

<div align="justify"> Sunday's photo in Juventud Rebelde shows the 83-year-old Castro wearing a white shirt instead of the sports apparel he has worn in recent photos. The meeting with Rafael Correa occurred Friday. Cuba's state-run press occasionally publishes photographs of Castro with visitors, but news of his health is considered a state secret. </div> Read More

Cuba Criticize Threats Againts Juanes because of Concert

<div align="justify"> Cuban Culture Minister Abel Prieto blamed anti-Castro exiles in the United States for the threats and said the Sept. 20 show will go on as planned. His comments were reported Saturday by Cuba's state news agency, Prensa Latina. Prieto said those issuing the threats &quot;should be ashamed of what they're doing.&quot; </div> Read More

Cuba: Trying to Grow Vegetables in Havana

<div align="justify"> Climate change, drought, population growth are not the only threats to food supplies. As Cuba found out 20 years ago, dependence on fuel and fertilisers is also highly vulnerable to an oil shortage. </div> Read More

August 22nd

Waves Created by Hurricane Bill Put Eastern Cuba on Alert

<div align="justify"> Hurricane Bill, energized by warm ocean temperatures, agitated the North Atlantic yesterday like a giant plunger, creating waves up to 28 feet near Bermuda. Officials said the waves could go as high as 47 feet in the open sea today. </div> Read More

Robles Returned to Cuba to Receive Medical Assistance

<div align="justify"> Robles, the Olympic champion and world-record holder, failed to reach Thursday's final, pulling up injured after hitting the first three hurdles in his semifinal heat. Robles also struggled in the opening heat of the event, scraping through in 13.67 seconds, .76 off his world record time. </div> Read More

Bishops Satisfy with Storm Recovery in Cuba

<div align="justify"> The Catholic delegation was pleased with church efforts to bring aid to the hurricane-racked island. The trip included visits to the U.S. Interests Section, which serves as an informal U.S. government mission; a meeting with Ricardo Alarcón, head of Cuba's parliament; a tour of hurricane-damaged churches and talks with Cuban church officials. </div> Read More

August 21st

Cuba and U.S. Cooperate Regarding Storms

<div align="justify"> The gusty winds, heavy rains and ocean swells that hurricanes produce do not know the difference between Guantánamo and Galveston, which has made the weather one of the few topics on which the United States and Cuban governments regularly engage. </div> Read More

Fuel Oil and Diesel Production Up in Cuba; Gasoline Down

<div align="justify"> Fuel oil rose 10.5 percent to 1.4 million tonnes, while diesel jumped 25.3 percent to 646,000 tonnes, the National Statistics Office reported on its website. Gasoline dropped 36.1 percent to 232,000 tonnes, the statistics office said. </div> Read More

Juanes' Concert in Cuba Still On According to his Agent

<div align="justify"> Latin pop singer Juanes considered canceling a Sept. 20 concert in Cuba because he received what he felt were threatening messages on his Twitter account, according to a police report, but according to his agent the concert is still on, at least for the time being. </div> Read More