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The principle venues of the event will be the Morro-Cabaña Fortress as traditional, the centrally located Pabellon Cuba exhibit center and the Rancho Boyeros Fair grounds.

Around 5 millions of books are expected to be offered during 2010’s international book fair, an event held annually in Cuba.

The 19th International Book Fair is scheduled to begin February 7 in Havana to be later extended to the rest of the capital cities of the country though March 7.

Granma newspaper announced that a week before the event starts, more than 250 new publications will be on sale in all book stores of Havana.

The Guest of Honour country is Russia whose delegation to the event will include writers, artists and political figures from that country.

The Fair will be dedicated to Cuban writers Reynaldo Gonzalez and Maria del Carmen Barcia, winners of the National Literature Prize and National Social Sciences Prizes in 2003, respectively.

As usual, there will be book presentations, talks with authors of the books presented in the fair, round tables and many other side-activities.

The event will honour the centennial of the birth of Jose Lezama Lima, Dora Alonso and Angel Augier.

Likewise, the National Literature and Social Sciences 2010 prizes will be delivered to its winners Ambrosio Fornet and Pedro Pablo Rodriguez, while the Nicolas Guillen award on poetry and the Alejo Carpentier awards on novel, short story and essays will be also presented during the event.

Source: Cubarte

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