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The International 2010 Cubadisco Festival –which will hold country music as the main theme and improvisers from all over the world as guests of honour- will take place between May 15 and 23, 2010.

The Honor Committee of this fourteenth edition is made up by Doctora María Teresa Linares, Alexis Díaz Pimienta, Celina González, Adolfo Alfonso, Inocente Iznaga - El Jilguero de Cienfuegos- and the peasant leader Pepe Ramírez.

This country festival will be characterized by popular parties, colloquiums, workshops in art schools and the longest singing in the world. The awarding gala will take place in Havana City on May 2010.

The cultural exchange will imply this time every province in the country, from East to West and it will pay tribute –among other great personalities in art and literature- to Angelito Valiente and el Indio Naborí, anthological figures of artistic and literary creation inspired in peasant traditions.

Among the attractions of the festival there will be the longest singing in the world, which will start in the eastern region of the country and end in Havana during the closing ceremony of the event.

There will also stand out the preparation of a show called El Guatecazo, under the direction of Alexis Díaz Pimienta and Juan Carlos Cremata, which will be joined by the members of La Colmenita and of the children improvisation workshops, with children from other countries who also cultivate the improvised verse.

It was known that during Cubadisco there will be sold several albums of the genre, and there will take place popular festivities –as country parties are called in Cuba- in cities from every province.

Founded in 1997 and organized by the Cuban Music Institute, the Cubadisco International Festival has become the most integrating event in Cuban musical industry.

The event constitutes an ideal place to show the main achievements of Cuban music industry; to appreciate a wide musical program with presentations of Cuban and foreign artists and to pay tribute to important personalities of Cuban and universal culture.

Cubadisco 2010 has also announced the celebration of an International Symposium organized by the Centre for the Research and Development of Cuban Music to take place between May 17 and 23 in Havana.

Source: Cubarte

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