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A continuity of one important tradition in the eastern region.

The performance of Hatian dances such as La gran familia (the big family) and Pequeño Relevo (little relay) will once more show the continuity of one of the most important traditions in the municipality of Ciro Redondo.

Other traditional activities, aimed at retrieving the identity background laying in each territory, includes the display of typical food and drinks, which contributes to the party spirit of a people's gathering that celebrates the Hatian traditions brought by early residents.

Traditionaly the party is held on December 3 to welcome the Santa Bárbara Day, so by 12:00 at night the party is at its highest with Hatian rites, dances and songs that have long survived.

This year the celebration will take place in Santa Lucía, which place holds the most numerous community of Hatians who came to Cuba during the last century and their descendants.

The Culture authorities in the municipality of Ciro Redondo invite all the people interested in enjoying this traditional event that constitutes a sample of the deeply rooted components that made up the Cuban nation.


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