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More children were born in Santiago de Cuba than last year.
From January to October of this year 1,198 more children were born in Santiago de Cuba than last year, said Dr.Daritza Rodríguez Olivero, in charge of the Mother and Child Care Program (PAMI) in the area.

During her report to the Provincial Health Council, Dr.Daritza reported that a number of activities are channeled to take care of the mother and child, with programs to increase breastfeeding, the fight against pregnancy during the adolescence, the promotion of sexual education to guarantee healthy and responsible relationships between couples, as well as the work of every community to help pregnant women directly.

She referred in the same way, to the work of early detection of cases of pregnant women who suffer from anemia and malnutrition, who are given opportune assistance for a normal gestation and a birth without risks for both mother and baby.

Maternal mortality only had three cases in a year, while congenital malformations and hypoxia are among the main causes of infant mortality. She highlighted the results of the mountain municipality of the Tercer Frente, with an infant mortality rate of two per thousand live births, and Contramaestre with four, she said.

She also called for increased protection for pregnant women at work centres, and for a better physical and psychological preparation for the delivery, to improve their education and eating habits with fruit and vegetable consumption, and working
to reduce pre-conceived risks, everything for helping the mother and baby.


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