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Fishers from the Enterprise Base Unit, Juanito Mora, in Puerto Padre, captured so far in a year over one hundred sixty tons of fish and forty six of large oysters, number that places its commitments to ninety percent of fulfillment in 2009.

This facility counts with only half of its fleet, since it was seriously damaged during the onslaughts of hurricane Ike, That's why executives and workpeople should have designed strategies of contingency to give their work reach a happy term.

Due to the environmental deterioration at Puerto Padre's bay, fishers enabled fishing grounds in Gibara, Holguín's province; Guayabal, in the coastal south of the island; Cayo Confite at the province of Granma and in La Herradura, at Jesús Menéndez's
nearby municipality, east of the Blue Village.

At Cascarero's bay, next to key Juan Claro, the most substantial expectations of large oyster’s were focused here; however Ike, made these pretensions impossible, in such a way that even the mangle looked seriously affected.

On the other hand, near to ninety fishermen associated to the Enterprise Unit, contribute with the production, only representing  the ten percent of the total program and commitment of the year; nevertheless, they guarantee an acceptable productive flow.

These fish's taxpayers proceed not only from Puerto Padre, but also from La Jivara, Socucho, Delicias and Cay Juan Claro.

From the ninety seven workpeople that this establishment counts with, only thirty are sailors and the rest work at the processing hall, with thirty years mean age, informed Juan Guerrero Cera, director.


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