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Cuba is leading the contest with eight works.

As inseparable part of cinema, 17 cinematographic posters from six countries will compete in the upcoming Havana festival, in which Cuba will be in the lead, presenting eight works of a never forgotten style in this event.

Havana's exhibition-festival, which will be held from December 3-13, will exhibit these work, acknowledging their condition of visual demand at first, then a hook to attract the audience to the movie theaters and as essential company later.

Many times, it endures in our memory, linked to the different sorts of emotions that the film has unleashed, or even survives to the movie's possible failure, protected by its own quality as a work of art.

According to the amount of works to be presented in the 2009 competition, Venezuela (three), Brazil and Argentina (two), and the Dominican Republic and Colombia (one) will follow Cuba.

Cuba's participation with the largest number of works can be explained by its graphic tradition that has been related to its film production since the Cinematographic Art and Industry Institute was created in the '60s.

A look at the list of participating authors lets us know the increasing presence of women in designing posters, a field in which they are making progress, as well as in directing and producing audiovisual works.

Like in the previous festival, works by duets will be presented and there will be recurrent presence of artists that prefer to remain anonymous, maybe because they don't want to take the risk for the first venture or maybe due to the prejudice of someone denying a poster's quality as a pictorial work.


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