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Argentine opens once again the event with a Juan José Campanellá's film.

As in previous edition, the 31st International Film Festival of New Latin American Cinema proves that south also exists. I evoke Pino Solanas’s emblematic film that won the Coral because Argentine opens once again the event with Juan José
Campanella’s film “El secreto de tus ojos”.

This is the fourth film of the also renowned scriptwriter of South American cinema, who jumped into direction and, moreover, has a wide experience by participating in the series “Law and Order”.

But in the film industry, the best known field for him, Juan José Campanella consolidates himself as one of the most important figures of cinema in his country. Let’s remember that his second film “El hijo de la novia” (2001) was nominated to
the Oscar Awards in the category “best foreign language film”.

The film director introduces us in a thriller from the perspective of a recently pensioner. The character decides to write a novel with his life experiences in the world of laws, dating back to the events occurred in Buenos Aires in 1974, to present an attractive film whose cast is headed by great actor Ricardo Darín.

Along with Campanella’s film, there are other five Argentine movies. A first work film, documentaries, short films, and cartoons will be also enjoyed by Cuban moviegoers. This 2009, Argentine, Brazilian, Mexican, and many others will be competing hard for the Coral in the different categories.

Source: Cubasí

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