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Cuba's Aroldis Chapman has fired his agent and is going with the Hendricks brothers. The phenom pitcher switched agents while in the middle of negotiations with Major League teams.

Edwin Mejia is the agent who represented Chapman and helped him gain free agency.

Mejia, who works for Athletes Premier International, was in talks with several major league teams of Chapman's behalf.

Chapman defected from the Cuban national team in July.

Veteran agents Randy and Alan Hendricks will now represent Chapman. There was no reason giving for the switch.

"Athletes Premier International is greatly surprised and deeply disappointed that Aroldis Chapman has decided to change agents," the agency said in a statement.

An employee for the Hendricks brothers told ESPN The Magazine that Chapman contacted him several days ago.

"I don't know how he got my number," said Rodney Fernandez. "It's not like I'm famous or something. We followed every legal step. Maybe it's because I'm Cuban is why he contacted me. I didn't do anything specifically but just answered his call. He simply asked me for help and we are providing it."

Just last week Mejia had Chapman do a round of media interviews. Chapman is listed as a major league free agent.


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