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Martirio, Tania María, Luís Monge y Swing en 4, Joao Donato, Guido Lucarelli and Negras Musas are among the foreign guests invited to the 24 Jazz Plaza Festival to be held from the 14th up to the 17th of February 2008 in Havana.

According to an exclusive communication given by the organizers from the Cuban Music Institute to Cubasi, other foreign artist who will also perform at the Festival are Pablo Sanguinetti, Dúo Jodos y Gandini, Dúo Eldis la Rosa y Stuard Conaghan, Stefano Bedetti, Patricio's Trío, Iván Mazuze, Marcus Mitchel, Latinsamplig.

The foreign list is completed by Tito Oliva, Cuarto Elemento, Ann Kristin, Bheki Khoza Quartet, Gaspare Di Lieto, Darwin Silva, Marcelo Gutfraind and Javier Colina.

A Theoretical Colloquium will be held as part of the event. In the colloquium will be given classes, lectures and chat as well as will be showed documentaries. As part of the colloquium will be also the sale of specialized music magazine and Jazz CDs.

The Jazz Plaza Festival will also have jam sessions at the following Havana venues: Mella theatre, Karl Marx theare, Amadeo Roldán theatre, Casa de la Cultura de Plaza, Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes.

Important groups and soloist from Canada, the USA, Mexico, Argentina, Brazil, Peru, Cayman Island, Italy, Germany, England, France, Spain, Japan and South Africa among many others have taken part in previous editions of the Jazz Plaza International Festival.

The Cuban representation are made out by nationally and internationally famous groups and soloist, amogn them it is worth mentioning Chucho Valdés and his group New Conception, Bobby Carcassés, Maracas y su otra visión, José Luis Cortés y NG La Banda, Bellita y su Jazztumbata among many others.

Among the invited Cuban groups and soloist there are Mayra Caridad Valdés, Bobby Carcasés, Bellita y su Jazztumbatá, César López y Habana Ensemble, Maraca y Otra Visión, Carlos Maza y su grupo, Roberto Carcasés e Interactivo.

The Cuban representation also has Javier Salva y Temperamento, Diákara, Ernán López-Nussa Trío, Peruchín y su grupo, Elmer Ferrer, Jorge Reyes y su cuarteto, Pasaje Abierto, Gala Mayor, Claro Oscuro, Rembert Duarte y su quinteto, Cubajazz, Lazaro Morúa, Las Canelas, Conga Latina, Sunami Fabré, Lázaro Valdéz y Son Jazz, Chispa y sus Cómplices and Giraldo Piloto y Klímax among many others.

The Festival will have a space dedicated to the important new generation of Cuban jazz: JoJazz, among who it is worth mentioning Yasek Manzano y su grupo, Harold López Nussa y cuarteto, Tamara Castañeda y su grupo, Alejandro Vargas y Oriental Quartel, Sexto Sentido, Rolando Luna, Roberto Martínez and Alfredo Rodríguez.

Foreign participants can accredit themselves at the offices of the Organizing Committee at Galiano No. 468 entre San José y Zanja, Centro Habana, Havana .


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