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Cuba is near to a better daily cultural program
Fernando Rojas, Cuban deputy minister of Culture, valued the 2007 as a better year regarding the approaching to daily cultural program of excellence as the one is hoped.

He put as an example the ingenuity and initiatives given by the Cuban Book Institute who took to downtown streets, student residences, communities and squares the value of reading, the books and the authors.

We are starting to feel what can and must be an attractive cultural program serving the people and made with the talent available in every place, stated the Vice Minister, who considered as something very special the incorporation of hundred of artists to the parties to celebrate the Triumph of the Revolution in January.

The Deputy Minister stated that the presentations are and will be free starting from the one of the first of January and notwithstanding the daily difficulties presented in the organization of the daily program with lack of resources and bureaucratic difficulties.

He emphasized in the already visible impact of the work of the art instructors - over 13 thousand - in the Cuban schools and defended the need to boost the better working models while indicated that 2007 was a good year for the Cuban plastic that even had a greater contact with the great public. He also talked about the recovery of the cinematographic industry, the publishing industry and the Cuban record industry that is still incipient but possible, while the Cuban stages (theatre and dance) are in the process of consolidation with a stable and better conceived program.

The debates are being boosted by the preparation of the VII Congress of the Unión de Escritores y artistas de Cuba (Association of Cuban Writers and Artists) (UNEAC, after its initials in Spanish), to be held in April 2008.


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