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Cuba Worked Intensely in Science in 2007
The work in the development of science, technology and protection of environment in Cuba last year was characterized by its intensity, reads a Cuban Ministry of Science, Technology and Environment (CITMA) report.

Among achievements is a vaccine to protect against diphtheria, tetanus, hepatitis B, whooping cough and the haemophilias influenza, as well as a product to cicatrize the feet of diabetics, called Heberprot.

A mixture of proteins and essential aminoacids called Growth Stimulator ACUABIO, with an important effect on the initial stages of development of water organisms, is also highlighted by CITMA.

To foster vegetal production, formulas like the DI-31 (Biokrop) were applied, and transgenic plants have been obtained starting from hybrids, while Cuba increased the production of turbo fuels such as the JET A-1.

To maintain agricultural production in correlation with the environment, interphase areas were established to apply and monitor different technologies in the Escambray Mountains' coffee crops.

Technology was also applied for green fertilizers for new coffee plantations, and five new banana clones were introduced.


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