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"A La Habana Me Voy" is the exhibit at Casa de las Americas prolonging his presence among the Cuban people, with 51 pieces, in which Cuevas deeply explores the dark depths of human beings.

His characters move in a subworld inhabited by physically degradation: disease, misery, fear, even madness, translated into art.

Madness, eroticism, whores, deformed beings, tributes to Kafka, Dostoyevsky, Raskolnikov, Valle Inclan, Miguel de Unamuno, pictures with multiple influences, seeking new paths.

Since 1955 he has taken photos, trying to catch time, that fugitive, permanent, eternal thing.

His bronze animal sculptures are worked from poems written by Jose Miguel Ullan, and a tribute to Vincent Van Gogh, in an almost brutal, admirable portrait.

Cuevas has been in Havana five times, the first in 1956, when the Granma yacht landed in Cuba.

"Four of my visits to Cuba have coincided with historic moments in this country," he said.

He received the Doctor Honoris Causa from the Cuban Superior Art Institute, which moved him deeply. He has received it four times.

"But this one is the most important for me," he told Cuban reporters.

"A La Habana Me Voy" will be open to the public until March 20.

It does not matter if Cuevas went back to Mexico. He is still here; he belongs to the Cuban people.


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