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After 47 years on the air and positive feedback from listeners around the globe, Radio Havana Cuba (RHC) continues to be a vibrant voice of the Cuban reality.

A recent study revealed that since its foundation in 1961 under the name Short Wave International, nearly one million listeners from 200 countries have sent messages in support of the station and Cuba.

Some of the most frequent listeners comments were: "alternative radio," "the station where you learn about Cuba," "the one that broadcasts what the others dont," "the voice of solidarity and friendship," "the station that tells the truth," and "the voice of the Cuban revolution." These and other comments were on display at a recent event held by the radio station.

The countries sending the most messages are Mexico, United States, Colombia, Argentina, Brazil, Chile and Spain. In a recent letter from Mexico, Amanda López expressed "support for Commander in Chief Fidel Castro and my admiration. People like him dont exist anymore on our planet."

RHC began its broadcasts in Spanish only and currently reaches out in English, French, Portuguese, Arabic, Guarani, Quechua, Creole and Esperanto. The station also broadcasts on the Internet.

Special recognition was given during the event to the teams led by Bárbara Castillo, Pedro Martínez Pirez, Ingrid Baez, Marianela Samper, Mayra García, Carlos Luis Molina, Alina Inclán and the late Marie Dominique Bertuccioli.


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