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 Gonzalo Rojas Presented the Poetic Anthology:
As part of the activities program of the 2008 Casa Award, was presented Contra la muerte y otras visions (Against death and other visions) a poetic anthology of Gonzalo Rojas, recently edited by the Publishing Fund of Casa de las Americas. The event was held at the Manual Galich Hall of the own Casa with the presence of the great Chilean writer who is visiting us as a special guest of the 49 edition of the literary contest.

Note of the cover of Contra la muerte y otras visiones:

"The work of Gonzalo Rojas is loaded with a singular language and a way of expression, capable of transforming the daily and the strange in poetry, his work merge and assimilates avant-garde and classical traditions, converting the poem in an exercise of deep human investigation in which the aesthetic compromise does not losses humour or vitality. His lyric moves with great strength and imagination inside different thematic zones, such as love, erotic, death and existential distresses. He is one of the most intense and creative literary exponent of Latin America, who has achieve from his first works deep and universal visions of men and his circumstances."

"Linked to the teaching and to the literary studies in Chilean and foreign universities, Gonzalo Rojas (Chile, 1917) occupies a main position inside the contemporary Latin American literature. For a short time he was part of the literary group Mandrágora. He has organised, at the Concepcion University, important meetings of writers both at a national and continental level. In the sixties and the beginning of the seventies he was a Chilean diplomat in China and Cuba. The 1973 Chilean coup send him to exile until 1979 when he was allowed to return to his country. His poetic work is collected in the books: La miseria del hombre (1948), Contra la muerte (1964), Oscuro (1977), Transtierro (1979), El alumbrado (1986) and many others. He won the Chilean National Literature Award (1992), the Queen Sophie Award in Spain (1992), the José Hernández Award in Argentina (1997), the Octavio Paz Award in Mexico (1998) and the Miguel de Cervantes award in Spain (2003)."


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