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 In Havana at Casa de las Americas, Cuba Celebrates Songster's Centenary
The documentary "El rio que no cesa de cantar," about the life and work of Argentine songwriter Atahualpa Yupanqui was exhibited in Havana at Casa de las Americas, to honor the centenary of his birth.

The documentary, directed by Jose Montes Baguer, was filmed in 1985 at his home in Agua Escondida, Jujuy, and in the Quechua area of the province of Buenos Aires where Yupanqui created some of his work.

With music and script by the protagonist, the film will be included in the audiovisual archives of Casa de las Americas.

Dedicated to Hector Roberto Chavero Aramburu (his real name) one of the founders of the movement of the new Latin American song and to Argentine folk music, the film includes statements by Silvio Rodriguez, Leon Gieco, Pablo Guayasamin, Cesar Isella and Patricio Manns.

Hector Roberto Chavero Aramburu is author of more than 300 songs, among them "La alabanza," "Coplas del payador perseguido" and "Los ejes de mi carreta".

Atahualpa Yupanqui, who died in May 1992 in France, is a pseudonym that means "coming from faraway lands with a message."


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