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Organizations from the Cuban civil society called for people to cast a united vote Jan 20, in the second stage of elections convened in July.

That day, Cubans must elect 1,201 delegates for the provincial assemblies of the Peoples" Power and 614 deputies for the Parliament, who will have responsible posts for a five-year term.

"We call for the people to vote with conscience for the homeland," states the document inked by grass-roots and student organizations" national leaderships, and the Association of Combatants of the Cuban Revolution.

"Let"s exercise our right to vote for the future of our nation for a national unity that strengthen us, and convinced that despite the imperialism"s intentions, we will continue fighting to safeguard our conquests," states the text.

At the same time we call to vote for all candidates "to reaffirm the democracy and clearness of our electoral system."

"To vote for a united homeland," concludes the document, citing words by Cuban President Fidel Castro on a united vote as a revolutionary and political strategy.


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