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Writers and Artists from Las Tunas (Cuba) Debate Medullary Topics of Their Management
The protagonistic role of the National Association of Cuban Writers and Artists (UNEAC), in Las Tunas, is one of the main results of that institution in a decade of work, during which its members could deepen in the chore of the people, the economy, the traditions, the habits and the customs of this province to the east of Cuba.

In the provincial assembly of the organization, previous to the seventh congress foreseen in April in Havana City, held in Las Tunas, the assistants spoke about the necessity the artists and writers have to interact in the most remote rural communities, where there are very few recreational activities for the neighbors.

A point of vew largely applauded was the one defended by the composer Antonio Miranda about the wrong prevailing art in some shows and television programs of the country, in which the vulgar performance is being promoted in detriment of the autochthonous and valuable Cuban music.

Alpidio Alonso, member of the National Commission of the 7th Congress of the UNEAC, expressed in the assembly that it is necessary incorporate youths in the membership, for the sake of rejuvenating the artistic organization in the Cuban Revolution.

The 98 members of the UNEAC in Las Tunas province analyzed 13 topics related with the internal life and social projection of this institution, such as the economy and the culture, the national and international reach of the culture, as well as they ratified as president of the provincial committee to Carlos Tamayo, and in the vice-presidencies to Lesbia de la Fe Dotres and Félix Ramos, besides Armando Hechavarría.

In a same way the assembly chose as delegates to the seventh national congress to Lesbia de la fe Dotres, María Liliana Celorrio, Félix Ramos and to Leonardo Fuentes Caballín.

In the conclusions of the assembly Jorge Cuevas Ramos, Member of the Central Committee of the Communist Party and first secretary in the province, highlighted the predominant value of the institution in the social life of the people and reiterated that the UNEAC counts on the whole support of the political organization.

The UNEAC in Las Tunas grew in only 20 members during the last twenty years which demonstrates the value of its members, most of them teach seminars, or sustain community projects, in communities affected by social problems, and participates actively in cultural actions that have specific spaces.


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