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  • 08 / 09 / 2007

Banana clusters that could set Guinnes records
The neighbors from Reparto Jardin allotment in Buenaventura town are astonished when watching a giant banana cluster harvested in the yard of the Collazo Arauz, what many believe could very well set a Guinnes record.

Before the plant would turn one year, it started producing its first fruits and the final result was that the whole production weighed too much for the plant, nearly 300 bananas, some of them were more than 21 centimeters long and seven CM of diameter.

The stalk is one meter and 20 centimeters long, and one of its hands has 28 units. The cluster as a whole weighs 125 pounds.

We got to know too that in that same yard belonging to the Collazo-Arauz family, in a previous crop, another banana cluster of the FIAT-18 variety reached 117 pounds.

The news is astonishing indeed, even for specialists, because the banana plants are growing in a clayey soil, with no fertilizers because it is part of the garden, just much water.

Source: By Jose L. Diaz Grass, Radio Angulo

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