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  • 08 / 09 / 2007

Holguin commemorates Radio Angulo's 71 anniversary
The CMKO staff gathered to commemorate the 71 anniversary of the foundation of this station, symbol of radio broadcast in the northeastern Cuban province of Holguin.

The activity was held with the participation of Olga and Noelia, daughter and sister to Manuel Angulo Farran, respectively, who placed a floral wreath at the foot of the effigy of the founder of this radio station.

The head of the Provincial Radio System here, Moraima Lopez Leon, said that producers, journalists, operators and all the personnel working in this station have kept alive the ideas shared by the revolutionary and martyr of the Cuban revolution Manuel Angulo during the station's 24 hour program, therefore, naming CMKO after him since January six 1959, has been a deserved tribute.

Lopez pointed out that all along these years the workers from Radio Angulo have managed to spread the people's creative work and have been consequent to the ideals of the Centennial Generation that assaulted the Moncada and the Carlos Manuel de Cespedes barracks in July 26, 1953, and fought for Cuba's true independence until achieving the victory of the Revolution six years later, the First of January 1959.

Lopez Leon also said that in "August the first, 1936 CMKO went in the air for the first time, and 71 years later the workers of Holguin province radio broadcasting system keep on been faithful to the memory of Manuel Angulo Farran when turning his radio station into a trench of ideas that defends and discloses the work of the Cuban Revolution."

Source: By Lydia Esther Ochoa Peña, Cubarte

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