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Cuban polls: neither postulations, nor political campaigns
Cuban general elections, called by the Council of State on July 9, will have the population as a main protagonist and they will lack party postulations or personal propaganda campaigns.

A characteristic of these elections in the island after the 1959 revolutionary triumph, as stipulated by the current electoral law, is to nominate their candidates in neighborhood assemblies.

Thousands of those meetings will be carried out throughout the nation as of September 1, to determine who will be the aspirants for delegates to the Peoples' Power municipal assemblies.

National Electoral Commission vice president Ruben Perez and secretary Tomas Amaran, along with Gisela Bell, member of that entity, said that there are about 50,636 areas of nominations and 15,236 electoral constituency posts for this first stage of the elections.

Neither an electoral poster requesting vote for any candidate nor promises later broken as happen in electoral processes of other countries will be seen in Cuba.

Only candidates' biography will be put in public place, so the voters have an idea of their profiles.

Those who finally be elected must periodically give account of their labor to their neighbors, who have also authority to remove them if they do not fulfill conscientiously with their duties.

Source: By Javier Rodríguez, Prensa Latina

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