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 Eastern cuban pipe factory boosts water projects

The new high density polyethylene pipe factory, now in the test phase, is part of Cubas concerted effort to replace imports, said Jose Ramon Machado Ventura, a Communist Party Politburo member, during his visit to this eastern Cuba province.

At the HolgPlast factory Machado received detailed information about the characteristics of the installation "the third of its type in Cuba" conceived primarily to supply the water pipes required by the investment program in the eastern part of the nation.

Part of its production (the 900 millimeters or almost 36-inch diameter pipes) will be used in the construction of the water pipeline between Nipe and Gibara, an important in-progress investment, noted Water Resources officials of the province.

Approximately 100,000 meters of 90-millimeter diameter pipes have already been delivered by HolgPlast for the revamping of the water distribution network of the city of Holguin. The project is of utmost importance because 60 percent of the water that is pumped by the three aqueducts that supply the city with potable water is currently lost due to leaks in the old pipes.

HolgPlast has a production capacity to deliver about ten thousand tons per year of pipes of different diameters within the range between 90 and 355 millimeters in diameter in one of its extruders, and from 400 millimeters up to 1,000 millimeters in the other high-density polyethylene extrusion machine.

Accompanied by Miguel Diaz-Canel, first secretary Communist Party in Holguin; Alberto Olivera, president of the Provincial government; and other leaders from the territory, Machado Ventura also visited installations of the Cuban Ministry of the Steel and Mechanical Industries. "They are showing signs of recovery and are even starting up new production lines," Machado underscored. He also visited a meat processing plant.

In the coastal town of Gibara, Machado said he was very impressed by the work at the Inejiro Asanuma cotton thread plant, whose workers have replaced imports and developed new production lines. The party leader also visited the Gibara Wind Park that will generate up to 5.1 megawatts and is close to completion.

In the city of Holguin, capital of the province of the same name, Machado toured several projects including the recently opened Ismaelillo Theatre and Cinema, the restoration work at the Eddy Sunol Theatre, the Guama ice cream parlor and other installations located on the pedestrian boulevard now under construction.

Talking to journalists, Machado insisted on the need for a comprehensive discussion on the 2008 plan for the national economy, which he said must be done in detail and with objectivity.

Source: CubaSi

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