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Cuba to Host International Conference on Mental Health
Clinical and forensic psychology, drug dependency, pharmacotherapy to treat mental disorders, rehabilitation of psychiatric patients and nursing will be focal points during the forum.

Experts will lecture on psycho-social rehabilitation, mental health at working places, sexual and reproductive health of teenagers. A round table will deal with female sexual disorders and challenges of the 21st century.

The president of the World Psychiatric Association (WPA) Doctor Juan Enrique Mezzyll, of Peru, and Doctor Ihsan Shalloum, President of WPA Classification Section, will be attending the conference along other renowned specialists.

"Cuba has a lot to show and share in terms of mental health treatment", doctor Ricardo Gonzalez, President of Cuba's Psychiatric Association told acn.

"Our achievements in the field are tremendous, and we count on nearly 200 mental health community centers", Dr. Gonzalez added. "Meanwhile developed nations like the United States are not able to provide psychological rehabilitation to their war veterans, and 75 per cent of alcohol addicts in Third World Nations receive no assistance at all."

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