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  • 08 / 23 / 2007

Federation of Cuban Women reaches its 47 anniversary

To strengthen the intern workings of the Federation of Cuban Women (FMC) in every entity is the main challenge of the feminist movement in Cuba to celebrate its 47 anniversary.

For that, to work in every community constitutes a priority, refers Maria Victoria Menoyo, member of the organizations staff in the province.

To achieve a better labor in the FMC, a political movement was created to work on different problems municipalities have related to addictions, prostitution, etc.

"Currently, the feminist organization is carrying out an individual work with women, and especially with housewives, young women who does not study or work, and the oldest ones, besides it is also focused on the election process coming soon.

This year, there wont be any parties on this date, because of Vilma Espins death, who devoted her whole life to defend womens rights, the activities will be developed to pay homage to this woman.

The FMC invites all the members of the organization and the whole Cuban people to watch the Round Table next August 23 at 6: 30 pm, which will be dedicated to Vilma Espin, and also to go to an exhibition titled "Las luchas de Vilma" that will be held in Havana City and Santiago de Cuba at the same time. It will be available for 20 days and then will be taken to the rest of the provinces.

Source: By Idalma Menéndez, Guerrillero.

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