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 Cinema Plaza 2007: Homage to Pablo, Massip, and Piard

The event will take place from October 3-6 and it will be sponsored by the Culture House of Plaza Municipality. A cultural institution that reaches its 30 years of work, going beyond the limits of the Havanian municipality, with this sort of encounters and also for being one of the cradles of the movement and Latin jazz festivals in Cuba.

The festival will have the co-sponsorship of the Province and Municipality Culture Board of Direction, the Provincial Cinema Center and the Cuban Institute of Art and Cinematographic Industry (ICAIC). The festival will pay homage to outstanding figures of the audiovisual and Cuban culture world, like the film directors José Massip, founder of the new Cuban cinema, director of paramount films like Baragua and Tomas Piard who made his debut as filmmaker with that unique film named Ecos (Echoes).

Moreover, in this new edition, it will be recognized the work of the extraordinary Cuban composer and troubadour Pablo Milanes, of particular importance within the national cinematography and in his status as founder of the Experimentation Sound Group of ICAIC, a homage on behalf of filmmakers and video directors of the island to the lifelong work of one of the most universal Cuban artists.

Competing works, in different genres make up a catalogue that covers from fiction to the documentary, experimental videos in the different variants of the video clip, advertisements and animation and in the fields dedicated to cinema and with the inclusion, in the contest of unpublished scripts.

Within the theoretical activities have been included debates and reflections which enlarge the program of this Cinema Plaza 2007, in which there will be "no age limit, Cubans or foreign residents in national territory whose work approach themes that reflect and show the life and work of the community, the intergenerational dialogue between creators and researchers and the people in general.


Source: By Uriel Medina, CubaSi

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