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 Partying with a childrens theatre group

Its said that 13 is an unlucky number. However, at the age of 13 Las Estaciones is very well and healthy. Its theatre season opens at the Guiñol Nacional de Cuba with the plays; La virgencita de bronce, El patico feo and La niña que riega la albahaca y el príncipe preguntón.

Deserved international acting credits have been granted to this professional childrens theatre ensemble as they provide a creative haven through the puppeteers art acted with great brio.

Actor/director Rubén Darío Salazar says he has a two-fold party; first because Federico García Lorca's monologues La niña que riega la albahaca y el príncipe preguntón will premier and secondly the staging celebrates his 20 years of art career.

Its a two-week theatre season featuring other plays with scripts by Norge Espinosa: La virgencita de Bronce, an adaptation from the novel Cecilia Valdés by Cirilo Villaverde and the dramatic musicalized poem El patico feo, with score by Elvira Santiago, an adaptation of Andersen's story.


Source: By Yuris Nórido, CubaSi

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