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The Cuban province of Camaguey has taken solid steps in favor of the aquiculture program, as a result of the plan made for the intensive farming of the Zanzibar tilapias and the African catfish, products foreseen for the manufacturing of different
kinds of food, to be sold in the local market and for the exportation as well.

Néstor Veloz, director of the Aquiculture Company in Camagüey highlighted that in the case of the Zanzibar tilapia, the development program is based on the use of a greater number of cages, the quality of the young fish, the incorporation of better feeding, good mastery of the technology and inclusion of ponds for the cultivation of this species, as they are commonly used in shrimp farming.

When he talked about the intensive breeding of the African catfish (Clarias gariepinus), he told that this program has been benefited due to the development of the prawn farmed in Sibanicú; the investment underway in the neighboring Jimaguayú dam; and a suitable situation with the production of ice and transportation.

The developing program for the intensive farming of Zanzibar tilapias and the African catfishes should increase and by the end of this year and the number should be around 600 tons.

Source: Radio Cadena Agramonte

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